Kev’s Shop Tools

layout & measuring tools

I use a lot of these layout & measuring tools daily in my shop. The quality is there and made by good companies. Check the Links below. 

power tools

Being a woodworker I find that Power Tools make my life a lot easier. Power Tools can make your work more efficient and streamlined.

Clamps and Hand Tools!

You can never have enough clamps, and bessie makes some nice clamps! As you can see I use them quite a bit in my shop.

shop consumables

Being in the woodworking business you will find that there are things you will need that gets used as time goes on.

Amazon Affiliates Program:

Every link on this page is something I use in my shop. These are useful items and things you can pick up for yourself. All items purchased through these links do not cost you any extra but help me and what I do to Keep bringing you content. I appreciate the support and hope you can gain some use from these items.